Animatronics / Workshop
Cedarwood (Siberian pine). Before chipping off the less
Koschei the Immortal and K. Finishing and polishing.
Design sketches
Reindeer shapes from head
Main controller of devices - future brain of animatronics
Motility testing of skeleton
Shaping the figure
This is to wink and this is to talk
In the store-room
Insert eyes. Connect brain.
Its head on the shoulder
Two heads are better than one. Programming
Portrait: first - modelling clay, then - cedarwood
Carve me and I'll carve thee
Man-made legs
Long-neck is not important for a man
An artist always helps an artist
A puppety should "master" the actor's voice
Not a single chance for tooth decay
Before facing, every screw and knot should be fixed
A woman is anything but simple