Animatronics / Tailor-made Puppets

Order algorithm example

Design Specification

Create and produce an animated souvenir for Dmitri A. Medvedev, in view of his visit to Tomsk in February, 2010. Production time - 2 months.

Decision (word description)

Proposed puppet image: president-blogger, talking with students via Internet. The personal voice of Dmitri A. Medvedev, adapted from vlog. The text itself is in the format of "question-answer" concerning youth problems. The questions are voiced by Tomsk students on the background of their universities. Shot and completed film material is reproduced on a video monitor and frame behind the President's figure. The image is duplicated from a laptop.

Photo Image

Design sketch


If you want to order a puppet or even an "animated" showcase, you can simply contact us by telephone or E-mail to Andrei N. Rumin (ref. Contact Us).

FAQ's (frequently-asked questions):

Question: What is a puppet?

Answer: On the one hand, it is a theatre doll designed as an animated representational character. The puppet face and hands are craved out of Siberian pine. On the other hand, it is a made-to-order robot whose actions are determined by a programmed scenario. In general, it is a actor- robot capable of acting when switched on (at 220V).

Question: What is an "animated showcase"?

Answer: If a puppet is a one-man show, then an "animated " showcase is an entire performance, involving a theatre company. Moreover, these actors are not only the puppets themselves, but also sound & light and different sensing devices. As a result, behind the showcase glass or on an exhibition stand one can see a fascinating pageantry. Imagine Prague Clock showing 12 figures of the Apostles, i.e. "The Walk of the Apostles". We can do it significantly better and even more fascinating.

Question: What is the price and what is included?

Answer: The average price for one puppet is approximately 150 thousand roubles. The puppet and mini-theatrical scenery is 70x70x70cm. in a box. This is an optimal puppet size that "hooks" attention and is convenient in transportation. The standard set-up includes automatic voice control (the puppet opens its mouth synchrony with the text), tilting and turning head, winking eyes, bending and rotating figure, drive unit for one arm and / or leg. The price also includes figure design, decorations (setting), costume, written text, recording and package. For example, a secretary- puppet sitting at a desk-top, typing and declaming simultaneously. The higher or the lower the price depends on whether you want to add and / or reduce the number of devices, variety of settings (decoration), life-like portrait-character, etc.

Question: What is the production time of one puppet?

Answer: Usually 30-45 days from the moment of signing the Agreement. The Agreement includes the puppet description, its figure and design sketch, i.e., both Parties should know exactly what is to be designed and finally produced. Additionally, as we are involved in an one-off production, there may be on-peak time., for example "no production orders until March". That sort of thing is quite occasional, BUT it's not the rule.

Question: We have filed the order for a puppet. What is the scenario?

Answer: Scenario is what the puppet image will be. But before this, a customer should answer a few leading questions.

  1. Where will the puppet be used?
    • exhibition
    • VIP-gift
    • animating a showcase (shop window), office or simply as part of home interior
    • other variants
  2. Who is the character?
    • famous / well-known literary or movie character (Pinochhio,Captain Jack Sparrow, Chingachgook)
    • branded / corporate character (Granny in the TV spots "My Farmhouse")
    • portrait (resembling either birthday boy/girl, boss, VIP-guest or anyone else)
  3. What voice and talking elements?
    (for talking puppets)
    • talk about what (model themes, everyday phrases)
    • voice (personal or actor / actress)
    • text (dialogue) length
  4. What is the setting (decorations)?
    • costume
    • mini-setting (for example, office, plane, fishing trip, bath-house)
    • detailed elements (moonshine still, favorite cap, new rifle)

After answering these questions, the following steps:

  • design sketch and puppet description;
  • adjustments and approval;
  • signing an agreement and, finally,
  • the work itself.