Animatronics / Company Presentaion

"Animatronics" Co. was established in 2000 as a theatre workshop and even today is such. Throughout these years, the process design changed and developed, but one thing remained the same- only positive emotions with a quality-plus label. The "pathfinders" of a cheerful and optimistic mood were, are and will be the actors and / or actresses of hand-made puppets, all of whom possess a good sense of humor. The puppet-makers are the chief assets of this Company. It is their unique skills and enriched experiences that inspire to create and animate these human-made puppets. Our Company embraces two core areas: production, and, recently, commercial exhibition "Puppets- No Puppeteers". There are five in all employers- art director, art-sculptor (wood-craver in Siberian pine), mechanic engineer, electronic engineer and accountant. When required, other skilled experts are also involved in the puppet production, such as, tailoresses, carpenters, dubbing actors / actresses, wig-makers and scene-painters. In time, ageing technology needs to be either repaired or updated, and intellectual top experts are included: electronic-software designers and design engineers.

"Animatronics" is open-door for co-operation. Young professionals and students come here to show their skills and knowledge in our workshop. We have participated in such events as programmes supported by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Real Economy (Tomsk Oblast), Seliger-2010 and TUSUR student business-incubator "Friendship".

Director, scriptwriter
Andrei Rumin
Aleksander Osipov
Artist, wood craver
Natalia Alekseeva
Vladimir Makeev
Dubbing actor
("Voice" of most puppets)
Vyacheslav Gulivistki