Animatronics / Buy your own gallery

Our Company does not only design individual puppets, but also designs tailor-made theme-based galleries, the first of which was our personal gallery "Puppets -No Puppeteers". The next exhibition was the so-called "Save, Ivan the Fool", based upon Russian folk-tales. A future gallery will be "Rock & Roll Forever!" including compositions of Russian rock groups and singers (and others). There are some ideas on creating a gallery embracing the heroes of Ilf and Petrov which find themselves in our time.

We offer partnership with different professionals- representatives of museum affairs, architects, designers and entrepreneurs, all those who what to explore such a sphere as gallery dealing.

You can order any personal theme display , invent an animated composition for a museum or create a unique dynamic interior for your establishment.

Each new gallery is a small business in itself, box-packed and transported.

We have more than a 3-year experience in renting our gallery and we are ready to share our well-designed cases.

"Save, Ivan the Fool"
"Save, Ivan the Fool"